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    Belden-1304A,1305A Brilliance CatSnake? Tactical Heavy-Duty Bonded-Pairs Stranded  Category 5e Audio/Video Cables 可現場部署超柔軟堅固 CAT-5E 音頻/視頻(高級影音)電纜線

    商品編號: Belden-1304A

    Belden 1305A,1304A)Brilliance CatSnake® Tactical Heavy-Duty Bonded-Pairs Stranded (7x32) Category 5e Audio/Video Cables 
    可現場部署超柔軟堅固 CAT-5E 音頻/視頻(高級影音)電纜線

    CatSnake UTP cables offer exceptional audio/video performance, plus they are extremely rugged and flexible for
    use out of doors, in broadcast truck applications, in studios and for portable, professional audio/video use.
    CatSnake UTP電纜提供卓越的音頻/視頻性能,以及它們非常堅固和靈活

    Belden® now offers Brilliance CatSnake Category
    5e cables for use in patching Ethernet or digital
    audio/video formats utilizing Cat 5e-type cable.
    Because these Category 5e UTP cables are extremely
    rugged and utilize Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair
    design, they are able to be used in high traffic areas
    in a broadcast studio or in any type of tactical,
    field deployable audio/video installation.

    Bonded-Pair Design Means
    Installable Performance®

    The consistency of a UTP cable can determine
    its transmission distance. Physical characteristics,
    such as the cable's conductor-to-conductor
    spacing relationship along the full length of the
    cable, can affect how far a signal can be carried at
    a given frequency without excessive attenuation
    due to Return Loss.

    CatSnake Bonded-Pair Cat 5e Audio cables
    maintain their impedance and Return Loss
    performance when flexed and handled in rugged,
    harsh environments. Bonded-Pairs are the result
    of Belden's patented design that bonds the
    individual insulated conductors together along the
    full length of the cable. The cable therefore
    exhibits a uniform conductor-to-conductor spacing
    relationship along its longitudinal axis that assures
    consistent impedance characteristics. Nonbondedpair
    cables tend to gap during their flexing, coiling
    and handling — or during normal use. These gaps
    typically create an impedance mismatch.

    Belden calls this superior after-installation and
    in-use performance, Installable Performance;
    Portable Performance is the term used for
    portable applications.
    New Product Bulletin

    NP 228 CatSnake® Cables
    Belden Bonded-Pair cables have a
    uniform conductor-to-conductor
    spacing; nonbonded-pair cables are

    Rugged, Portable Performance

    To further ensure the ruggedness, portability,
    survivability and re-useability of these cables,
    Belden has either a heavy jacket wall version
    for medium duty applications or an upjacketed
    version for the harshest heavy-duty
    environments (Product Nos. 1304A and
    1305A, respectively). To make them flexible,
    these cables have stranded (7x32) conductors
    and matte-finished Belflex® jackets.
    These cables also pass the UL 1581 -40°C
    Cold Bend test and are RJ-45 and
    Neutrik EtherCon® compatible.

    Construction Details

    CatSnake® Product Nos. 1304A and 1305A
    feature Bonded-Pair unshielded twisted pairs
    (UTPs) with 24 AWG stranded bare copper
    conductors and polyolefin insulation.
    The matte-finished jackets are constructed of
    Belflex with rip cords for easy jacket removal.


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